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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I was lucky enough to find Dariusz Garko at a time in my life when I was transitioning out of a life of competitive cycling. DG analyzed my condition and created a program for me to reclaim a balanced health that addressed and remediated all the issues that had built up from my prior activities. With his help I turned to standup paddle board racing and in my first race -- finish line photo shown here -- I placed second in my category in the 25-mile around-Manhattan event (second... to Garko!). I wish everyone could have the opportunity to train with DG, to reclaim health and achieve things beyond expectation".

Andrew, New York


"Dariusz helped me get from a place where I wasn’t moving my body regularly to feeling like I can’t live without moving regularly! The program he customized for me was manageable and challenging… and I saw incredible results within weeks. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to learn physical sustainability and who is ready to feel stronger, and more confident in their body and movements".



"Dariusz took me paddleboarding around Statue of Liberty. I realized that he was in amazing shape & could paddle for hours, as a SUP Coach & school owner I was intrigued , he told me about his Strength & Conditioning Programs and I was hooked. Tried 21 Jump Start first and after that it was obvious after that I wanted to continue on Elite Program and continue my improvements".



"I’ve been training with Dariusz since November 2019 - immediately after I became pregnant. He has turned my life around. Having had scoliosis since the age of 13, endured spinal fusion surgery at the age of 15 (placement of 2 titanium metal rods), and had ongoing back pain and misalignment ever since, he helped me enhance my entire physique. While I was pregnant, I was even able to see gains in how much weight I could lift (while of course being very careful and doing the right training as I grew a baby in my belly!). After giving birth - and taking about 8 weeks off to heal - we were back at it. He helped me get stronger and build muscles where I didn’t know I could. I can’t thank him enough for helping me become a better person - both physically and mentally".



"I was always athletic , playing soccer, snowboarding , bowling, etc but serious injury set me back, couldn’t do any sports that I love, gain weight, wasn’t able to play with my boys. So I reached out to Dariusz and started a GarkoFit 12 weeks Elite Program. In short 12 weeks I regained my energy, my recovery got way better and got ripped 💪" 12 Weeks Elite Program gave me solid foundation to adjust my daily routine and get consistent with my training & recovery. Thanks GarkoFit 🙏"



"I followed GarkoFit Programs for 12 years now. I'm in best shape of my life, and I'm especially talking about functionality and ability to perform daily life tasks and feeling energetic"


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